Under the Coalition, the countryside has not fared well.
They have culled many creatures such as the badgers. As well as trying to Frack half the countryside.

Now we have learnt that if the Conservatives are elected in May, they will give their MP’s a free vote to repeal the 2004 Hunting bill.

In the manifesto, under the heading ‘We will support countryside pursuits.’

It reads: “We will protect hunting, shooting and fishing, for all the benefits to individuals, the environment and the rural economy that they bring.

“A Conservative government will give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act with a free vote, with a government bill in government time.”

This goes against strong public opinion against Fox hunting , A Mori poll showed that 80% of people polled were for the ban on hunting.

It also feeds into the narrative that the Conservative party is still very much ‘the Nasty party’ and even when they claim they are the ‘real party for working people’ , they only really care about the interests of the rich and privileged.

David Cameron was once a member of Heythrop Hunt in Oxfordshire and before the election was in in full swing,  He wrote in the Countryside Alliance magazine : “There is definitely a rural way of life which a born and bred Londoner might struggle to understand. I have always been a strong supporter of country sports.”

“It is my firm belief that people should have the freedom to hunt, so I share the frustration that many people feel about the Hunting Act and the way it was brought in by the last government.”

B heard media


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