After five years of this Conservative led government cutting welfare, jobs, whole areas of public spending including our Emergency services, Social care, freezing millions of public sector ‘hard working families’ wages, forcing over a million UK citizens to have to go to food banks and thousands of people taking their own lives because of cruel sanctions..

all in the name of ‘AUSTERITY’.

Which of course was not caused by over spending in the public sector or the most vulnerable in our society having a  easy life on benefits!

But the ‘Nasty’ party is banking on people having short memories.

But we don’t!

Everyone remembers that the bankers got greedy and over strectched
themselves, to fund their bonuses
and millionaire lifestyles.

So when the financial crash came in 2008, the banks had ‘no money for a raining day’ and the UK government had to bailout the banks to the tune of some £500 billion and save the banking system in this country. 

A big part of the bailout plan has been in effect a partial nationalisation of a number of banks.

One of the banks is Lloyds bank , the British Government took a 43.4% stake in Lloyds Banking Group. 

Six years have passed since the UK got into huge debt to save the banks and as we know the citizens of our country have suffered greatly.

Meanwhile like lots of banks, Lloyds bank have been mis- selling Payment protection insurance, had retail conduct failings, been part of the Libor rate manipulations and carried on giving themselves huge bonues.


IN 2013 George Osborne sold a 6% tranche of Lloyds shares and despite his claims that the sale had netted a profit. Based on figures from the National Audit Office, it worked out at a loss of at least £230m for UK taxpayers.

The UK public now own only 22% of Lloyds bank, down from a 43.4%

George Osbone was planning to sell £9bn worth of the UK government shares back to the market, announced in the last budget.

But with the election not going to plan,  David Cameron said to George ” I think that we can play the ‘Maggie’ card again, we have done it with offering the right-to-buy social housing homes to the plebs, now we can offer to sell them shares in a bank they already own!”

So Small investors will be offered the chance to buy up to £4bn worth of Lloyds bank shares at below-market prices if the Conservatives are returned to power.

Under the terms of the retail offer, buyers will receive a discount of at least 5% on the market price at the time of the sale, with priority being given to investors purchasing up to £1,000 worth of shares. 

The minimum purchase will be 250 and there will be a maximum limit of 10,000.

This will mean that for the public who can afford to buy shares can sell them back to the market stright away and make a quick buck.

Meanwhile the government will lose profit on the shares, lose control of the bank , carry on austerity in the UK and the bank will carry on making the 1% richer.

B heard media



  1. The poorest portion of society has always been blamed.

    Back in the work-house days the media put out propaganda that it was the tramps on the streets’ fault that there were socio-economic problems. So what did they do? They put the tramps in the work-houses.

    It just so happened that the work-houses produced the same goods that the factories paying wages were producing. Of course the work-houses could under-cut the factories due to savings on labour.

    Guess what that produced? Factories that paid wages had to close down because they were out competed thus driving people out of work and onto the streets and into the work-houses.

    The problem – and I hate to sound facetious – is that the masses gobble the crap the media puts out like it was candy. They don’t question! Well they do; they ask “Who’s to blame? Point the finger! Please oh please give us someone to be righteously indignant at!


  2. The only people who benefit honestly from a Tory government are the wealthy and unfortunately that’s 9% or less of the entire country. This idea that your government should only be helping those people is disgusting and I hope on May 7th, people vote David Cameron out of no.10.


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