On 26th Aug, Chris Oliver, who is a founding of Love Kitchen, Hastings, was contacted by Hastings Council, who two and a half months ago tried to shut down Love Kitchen. But backed down after a petition, protest, media and social media campaign.The council have now said if Love kitchen do not get a food operator licence, insurance etc. It will be shut down. Just as winter is coming!

On Sunday 28th June Love Kitchen Hastings, a group of Hastings residents, inspired by Love Activists London, to feed and clothe Homeless people, were told that their regular weekly stall in Hastings town centre must stop!

Chris Oliver, founding member of Love Kitchen has been in conversation with Hastings Council over the last few week. Chris said; ” At first they wanted to move us down into an alleyway where we “would not be seen” . I negotiated with them to use the upper circle outside Poundstretcher. Today they turned up and told us that if we continued we could face prosecution as we did not have a Street Trading Licence. They then said we would not receive one anyway. They said that we were also breaking food safety laws but have not explained exactly what is required. If we get shutdown then I fear that many regulars will not eat on Sunday. It has been referred to as Suicide Sunday which is why we come out this day.”

Love Kitchen, Hastings was set up by local people in February 2015, after being inspired by Love Activists, London, who over Christmas 2014 occupied a bank in the heart of the West-End of London, to shelter, feed and clothe Homeless people and highlight the growing issue of Homelessness.


Love Activists

Many people all over the UK have also  set up Love Kitchens.Brighton Love Kitchen is in the heart of the city and has not been stopped.

Love Kitchen member Zeeta Mcbrine
Said : ”  I am just shocked at the lack of compassion and support the council have given us. We are all human and need the same basic things to survive in this world. Hastings council have already let these people down by allowing the system to discard them onto the streets. The council have a duty of care and they have failed each and every one of the people whom come to us, it is now the communities chance to succeed where the council had failed.

There are many Love Kitchens around the UK that are fully supported by their local councils and I cannot see any reason other than ignorance as to why Hastings Council have taken this unfair and unwarranted decision to close us down and threaten us with prosecution. ”


Anton Burton on Hastings Council’s decision said: ” As the organiser of the St Leonard’s street market on kings road I can assure you that you do not need a street trading consent to give away clothes as long as you are not charging, although you may be required to have public liability insurance, there are issues with food but nothing that cannot be easily worked towards.”

Hastings Council have so far failed to respond to questions or comment on the ban.

When asked why the action by Hastings Council to shut Love Kitchen down should matter to people, Chris Oliver said : ” It would be difficult to count everyone it has helped. The people that come up to the table have welcomed the support and some cases come up for the chance to be treated like a human for once. Just being spoken to and listened to as normal person is something that many miss out on.”

Please support Love Kitchen, Hastings and help change Hastings Council mind.

Please share and sign the petition


And if you can, come down to Hastings and show your support on Sunday 5th July


B heard Media


  1. Unbelievable that in a so called civilised country such compassionate actions are not allowed . It’s beyond comprehension, the council is behaving in such a way that can only be described as barbaric.


  2. Typical Masonic vicious decision making. I never experienced such evil and corruption,as I have in East Sussex. So many decent people living there. So much corruption,governing.

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  3. It’s bad enough that people are homeless and without food . But it’s even more evil and despicable that other people are trying to prevent them having help .

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  4. Just read about this and got a couple of suggestions rather than get bothered by the council..
    1. Ask a local community centre with kitchen and ask v nicely to use their facilities or
    2. Do it gorilla style and do your goodness moving on every week or so.

    Here in Nottingham places are popping up here and there giving free food to any in need. So maybe start networking with others.

    Don’t get dispondant, keep caring and think outside the box.

    One Love

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  5. Contact the council or look on their website to find out the following if you do not have the information already:
    Which political group holds control
    Who are the councillors and their contact details
    When if the next meeting of the council
    Who are the leasders of groups

    Then email every single councillor to ask them why this is happening and are they supporting this? Require a written reply

    Pay particular attention to group leader responses, this will be a group position

    Once you have that information go to local press through every avenue available to you, If groups of councillors are opposing you, say so. If groups are helping, say this too. If it looks political, dont be shy about pointing it out. Offficers can be overuled by a full council decision so it can help to seek to make councillrs put their names to these decisions- picking on the homeless will not make them look good and they know it.
    Table a question about the decision for the next full council meeting and request to record the meeting ( this is your legal right).

    Hope this helps

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  6. As the organiser of the St Leonard’s street market on kings road I can assure you that you do not need a street trading consent to give away clothes as long as you are not charging, although you may be required to have public liability insurance, there are issues with food but nothing that cannot be easily worked towards…. Feel free to get in touch, I am more than happy to help and advise, and also offer you an awareness stand at my market for no charge, keep up with your good work!!! Regards Anton

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  7. This is utterly disgusting, communities trying to support the vulnerable in it and selfish ignorant people who think they are above it all are trying to trample upon it. Have a thought, it could be someone close to you oneday in that state.

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  8. Logically, seeing as you are not selling anything (not making a profit) and the space is not required (unless somebody turns up with some kind of permit telling you to move) you aren’t doing anything wrong? All that you are doing is standing in a location and giving things to other people? I don’t see the problem…

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  9. Those in authority have no morals whatsoever. They have their Laws and zero compassion. Since when was kindness a crime? Never, not until the soulless entities inverted the natural state of being. That state is kindness. Do not concede your Humanity , in fact rise up and throw authority from its ivory tower and tread it underfoot.

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  10. Go to the council meetings but they may not let you in unless you wear a suit! Oxfam often have them for a fiver and 2 people can share top and bottom!
    Good to work in groups of 5 – not too intimidating. Look up ‘Sweets Way Resists’ and recent Oxford campaign.
    Much love


  11. Local authorities are becoming obscene. They are now treating the homeless as if they are vermin. Please do my feed the pigeons.


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