Tony Blair has not openly commented on the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn, until now.

But In the Christmas issue of Right-wing UK magazine ‘The Spectator’,  the former Prime Minister has written a blog attacking the way Jeremy Corbyn is running the Labour party and the direction Corbyn is taking the party.

” All wings of the Labour Party which support the notion of the Labour Party as a Party aspiring to govern, rather than as a fringe protest movement agree on the tragedy of the Labour Party’s current position.”

Blair forgets that Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader of the Labour party with the biggest mandate from members in living memory, with almost 60% voting for him.

Blair contues: ” Right now we’re in danger of not asking the right questions never mind failing to get the right answers. All of it is about applying values with an open mind; not boasting of our values as a way of avoiding the hard thinking the changing world insists upon.”

Blair forgets that membership for the Labour party is higher than at anytime under him.

Whichever party people from the centre left in the UK support. All would agree that Blair’s vision for our Country is out of date and is for the few and not the many.

Read Blair’s full blog @

B heard media


  1. Firstly why is this man not in jail? He LIED to parliament! Slippery legal work and the stillness of time lets him off the hook. People LOST THEIR LIVES! How can we be so cynical as to have tolerated this situation? If Blair were in jail now, he would not be stirring up trouble like this. Cameron might be thinking twice before more lies lead us into more war! Many other things might be different too. These two have the same point of view more or less and are backed by the same sponsors. The people out there want change! It is a tricky process. The new lot, by definition, don’t have experience. Give them a chance! The anti-austerity programme does have sound academic and international backing in many quarters. We need to get some of these experts in , as Corbyn/Macdonald is doing, to help us move forward. The Tory foreign policy is a scandal: militarily ill-defined, politically confused, morally reprehensible -even some of their own people say so, despite the whip and the attempt to silence them with an iron fist. Where is the credible media voice to get this message out instead of the same old same old aggressive back-stabbing of the left alternative. If Blair was so good why did they say he had to go? The line at one time was he brought the country to its knees. Why the sudden change of heart? He was ‘peace envoy’ making millions while peace gets farther and farther away! Now he works privately doing the same thing, for his ‘faith foundation’ in the US. In Iceland they put bankers in prison for their criminal mistakes, in this country we give them a slap on the hands and a second chance to go on doing the same thing all over again. Why? Because the people paying the party funding ask Conservatives and Labour to do just that, and if they won’t they lose the funding, career politicians lose their jobs… obviously they all are held to ransom by the power of big corporate monopolistic players. Whether or not money goes under the table the effect is the same. The money going over the table tells the same story and has the same effect! It is above board, but the system is rotten to the core.

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  2. I’m not sure that Blair ‘forgot’ anything—those facts don’t hinder anything he’s saying. Also not ‘all people’ would agree—I disagree greatly, and I know many people who also would.


  3. Tony Bliar, (spelling deliberate), should have been kicked out of the Labour Party for any number of reasons, not least of which is the fact he went to work, almost immediately he stopped being PM, as an advisor to David Cam-the-moron.


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