They say a week is a long time in politics.

Well the last few days have not gone well for the new Home secretary Amber Rudd.

On Tuesday Ms Rudd delivered a speech to the Conservative party conference, in which she said that all businesses in the UK would have to list all ‘foreign’ staff.

This was widely condemned by the business sector and by many, was compared to policies of Nazi Germany.

Then on Wednesday, it transpired that a key part of Amber Rudd’s speech, where she attacked a sofa factory in her own constituency of Hastings, for employing mainly foreign workers and not ‘local people’, was in fact a lie and that 75% of the companies workforce were British.

Now even Amber Rudd’s own brother has spoken out against her speech.

Roland Rudd, the head of PR agency, wrote in an article for the London Evening Standard : 

“In a democracy there is always a spectrum of views.

“Those of us who want a sensible Brexit, who want Britain to remain a beacon of tolerance and who find the denigration of non-British workers appalling have a duty to speak out.

Try and stand up for a multiracial Britain and you are labelled part of the liberal elite; point out the £20 billion net contribution from immigrants over a decade and you are told you are not listening to the people; oppose hate crime and you are mocked for political correctness.

“It is easier to vilify foreigners in the new Britain than it is to espouse European values.”

The new proposal has been branded “xenophobic” and leading to “the return of the Nasty Party”

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