On 17th August a local Hastings resident and Labour party supporter Erica Smith started a petition to save her local NHS walk-in health centre. Which the local Clinical Commissioning Group are currently considering closing down and advising people to use their already over stretched local A&E.

The petition says ‘The Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) that provide healthcare in our area have been placed in ‘special financial measures’ – this means they have to find savings of £18m. One of the proposed cuts to save this money is to close the Walk-In Healthcare Centre at Station Plaza. This centre is used by many of the most vulnerable people in our town especially, but also by many others who can’t get on a GP list, because of the GP shortage in Hastings.

Ms Smith asked local MP and ex-Home secretary Amber Rudd to sign and support the petition.

But instead Amber Rudd ( who only has a majority of 346 votes) decided (without irony) to start her own petition to save the walk-in centre and to make matters worse, in order to sign her petition constituents must pay a fee of $3 (around £2.64).

Currently the original petition has over 1,600 signatures. Mrs Rudd’s has 99 signatures.

If you would like to sign the ‘free’ petition click on link


  1. Hello! It was me (Erica Smith) that set up the petition. We’ve currently got nearly 3,000 signatures, I just checked the petition Amber Rudd MP set up and she has 224 signatures.
    I don’t like spreading fake news, so just to clarify, I have been told by others that you can sign her i-petition for free, but certainly when I tried to leave a comment, I got a pop-up window asking for a minimum of $3 and I couldn’t see any way to close the window without paying. I don’t know who the $3 goes to.
    I’ve also emailed my MP (Amber Rudd) to ask when her meeting about the walk-in centre is going to be, but I haven’t heard back from her yet.


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