Tony Blair has not openly commented on the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn, until now.

But In the Christmas issue of Right-wing UK magazine ‘The Spectator’,  the former Prime Minister has written a blog attacking the way Jeremy Corbyn is running the Labour party and the direction Corbyn is taking the party.

” All wings of the Labour Party which support the notion of the Labour Party as a Party aspiring to govern, rather than as a fringe protest movement agree on the tragedy of the Labour Party’s current position.”

Blair forgets that Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader of the Labour party with the biggest mandate from members in living memory, with almost 60% voting for him.

Blair contues: ” Right now we’re in danger of not asking the right questions never mind failing to get the right answers. All of it is about applying values with an open mind; not boasting of our values as a way of avoiding the hard thinking the changing world insists upon.”

Blair forgets that membership for the Labour party is higher than at anytime under him.

Whichever party people from the centre left in the UK support. All would agree that Blair’s vision for our Country is out of date and is for the few and not the many.

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1.9 Million people have just lost the ‘Right to vote’




❌ Peers voted 257 to 246 in favour of the Government’s plans to introduce individual voter registration from December.

❌ From December, all household members must register by themselves or face being removed from the register.

❌The new Individual Electoral Registration (IER) process will particularly affect those in rented accommodation and urban areas, who are less likely to register, and students, because universities and colleges no longer ‘block register’ students living in halls of residence.

❌Despite warnings from the Electoral Commission about the dangers of disenfranchising legitimate voters, ministers believe many of the names are bogus and have speeded up by 12 months plans to “modernise” the system with individual registration.

” The Government has acted without reliable information on how many redundant entries will be removed at the end of this year and how many eligible electors will need to re-register ahead of May 2016.”

“Taking into account…the scale and importance of the polls scheduled for next May, we continue to recommend that the end of transition should take place in December 2016 as currently specified in legislation”

It concludes: “We therefore recommend that Parliament does not approve this order.”

❌Arguing for a delay, Liberal Democrat peer Lord Tyler, a former MP, said he had never heard a statutory body express its view with “such clarity”.

“The official estimate is that 1.9 million people who are currently on the register and were on it at the general election in May will be dropped off it,” he said. “At a stroke, ministers are prepared to disenfranchise huge numbers of electors.”

❌Make sure you’ve registered VOTE:


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Since The UK election campaign started
a few months ago , Most major parties have tried to promote their polices to the public and show them how the country would look if their party gained some power in parliment.

The Green party, The SNP, Plaid cymru
and TUSC all say they want to end the austerity
( cuts to the public sector & welfare) agenda and stop futher privatisation
of Our NHS.

The Labour party say their main polices are to protect The NHS and give the 99% a better standard of living.

But The Conservatives main message is one of FEAR and are trying to scare the public into voting for them.


The Prime-Minister David Cameron employed the Austrialan spin doctor Lynton Crosby, last year, to run the Tories election campaign. Crosby’s track record was very strong, having got London Mayor Boris Johnson elected in the capital, a city which had always leaned to the left and had only ever elected Labour/ Independent Ken Livingstone before.

Crosby made his name by winning three back-to-back elections for Australian
PM John Howard and for using negative campaigning and attacking the opposition.

Over the last few months The UK public have never experienced such a negative, vicious campaign of Fear led by Cosby and endorsed by the Tory top brass.

One of the main themes of the Conservative strategy has been to scare voters about the possible election outcome of a Labour miniorty government propped up the SNP ( Scotish National party )

It started with election posters appearing across England and Wales, with the image of Ed Miliband ( Labour leader) in the suit pocket of Alex Salmond (SNP ex leader & would be SNP leader in parliment )


This theme has remained the Tory main
strategy thoughout the election.So instead of explaining what they would do in power. They have just banged on about Labour working with SNP.

David Cameron on the BBC said: “This would be the first time in our history that a group of nationalists from one part of our country would be involved in altering the direction of our country, and I think that is a frightening prospect.”

The Scottish National party “do not even want our country to succeed, that is why it is so calamitous”, he said.

“Frankly this is a group of people that would not care what happened in the rest of the country. The rest of the United Kingdom – Wales, Northern Ireland and England – would not get a look-in, and that is the prospect we face if we don’t get the majority Conservative government that is within our reach.”

Then it got really personal and nasty,  when Defence Secretary Michael Fallon
Speaking about the UK renewal of Trident (opposed by the SNP ) Said:

“We saw in that leadership election just what he would do to get into power. We saw what he did to his own brother. We need to know what he would do.

“We can’t be sure what kind of backstairs deal he is likely to do with the SNP … that is the uncertainty. We have seen what he is prepared to do to get into power.

” Ed Miliband stabbed his own brother in the back to become Labour leader. Now he is willing to stab the United Kingdom in the back to become prime minister.”

Then David Cameron tried to scare English voters and raise English nationalism. When he talked about English votes for English laws, He said:

“English MPs will be unable to vote on the income tax paid by people in Aberdeen and Edinburgh while Scottish MPs are able to vote on the tax you pay in Birmingham or Canterbury or Leeds.

“It is simply unfair. And with English votes for English laws we will put it right.”


And last Sunday Theresa May, Home Sectory told The Mail on Sunday: ‘If we saw a Labour Government propped up by SNP it could be the biggest constitutional crisis since the abdication.

Miliband would be in government on the coat-tails of Sturgeon and Alex Salmond. 

They would be calling the tune – people who don’t want the UK to exist and want to destroy our country.”

‘There would be a very real feeling was this was something people did not want to see, had not voted for and would find very difficult to accept. It would raise difficult questions about legitimacy. A lot of English people would question that.”

There has been some traction with the Fear agenda with some voters.

According to the Survation poll for The Mail on Sunday, a third of UK voters would consider a Miliband-Sturgeon government to be ‘illegitimate.

But polls also have found Ed Miliband’s approval ratings going up, as well as the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s.

The Tories look like they will keep going on this agenda till election day.

But most of the public want to know where the Tories already announced  £12bn cuts in Welfare and 30% cuts in government departments will be, if they win power.

On 7th May, we will find out if The Conservative Fear campaign wins the day.

Lets hope not..

” The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown ”  – H. P. Lovecraft

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