Over Christmas three homeless people died in Home secretary Amber Rudd’s parliamentary seat, Hastings corner confirmed today.

When Amber Rudd was asked by local paper The Hastings observer to comment on the deaths on the streets of her constituency. The government minister replied:”It is a tragedy when someone dies on the streets and this Government is taking action to make life on the streets a thing of the past.

For the UK as a whole, the Government is committed to halving rough sleeping by 2022 and eliminating it altogether by 2027.

So the growing homeless population of Hastings and Rye must wait another nine years before they can be sure of a roof over their heads.

How the government hope to even achieve this goal is beyond me.

130,000 children woke up homeless this Christmas as child homelessness reaches 10-year high.

The number of rough sleepers is up by 134% since the Tories came to power.

The number of homeless in the UK is only set to dramatically increase.

Analysis by Heriot-Watt University for Crisis has found that the number of homeless people in Britain will reach 575,000 in 2041, up from 236,000 in 2016. The number of people sleeping rough will more than quadruple from 9,100 in 2016 to 40,100 over the same period, the research found.

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David Cameron speaking on 22nd April said: ” I’ve said it before: I’m not in this job to be some high powered accountant. I don’t just want the lines on the graph to go in the right direction. I want lives to go in the right direction. I believe passionately in reducing poverty.
‘We’ve proved that. Since we came to power – 300,000 fewer children in relative poverty.”


Children are said to be in poverty if they live in a household with an income less than 60% of the national average.

A family with two adults and two children under 13 needs to have £317 a week, after paying for housing  to be above the poverty line.

Ian Duncan Smith, Work and Pension Secretary wanted to change the way it is measured, last year.

In 2009-10 the number of children living in poverty, in the UK was 2.6 million.

After five years cuts to welfare by The Conservstive led Coalition who claim 300,000 are out of ‘relative’ poverty.

The respected charity Barnardo’s say there are currently 3.5 million children living in poverty in the UK. Almost a million more than when David Cameron came to power.

That’s almost a third of all children.
1.6 million of these children live in severe poverty .

In the UK 63% of children living in poverty are in a family where someone works .

Does child poverty affect children’s health?

Three-year-olds in households with incomes below about £10,000 are 2.5 times more likely to suffer chronic illness than children in households with incomes above £52,000 .

Infant mortality is 10% higher for infants in the lower social group than the average.
Does poverty affect a child’s education?

Only 48 per cent of 5 year olds entitled to free school meals have a good level of development at the end of their reception year, compared to 67 per cent of all other pupils. 

Less than half of pupils entitled to free school meals (just 36 per cent) achieve 5 GCSEs at C or above, including English and Maths, this compares to 63 per cent of pupils who are not eligible.

How much money do families living in poverty have?

Families living in poverty can have as little as £12 per day per person to buy everything they need such as food, heating, toys, clothes, electricity and transport.

How does poverty affect families?

1.6 million children are growing up in homes which are too cold.
41 per cent  of  children in the poorest fifth of households are in families who can’t afford to replace broken electrical goods, compared with just 3 per cent  of children in the richest households.

59 per cent  of children in the poorest fifth of households have parents who would like to, but cannot afford to take their children for a holiday away from home for one week a year. This only applies to 6 per cent  of children in the richest fifth.

The Government has a statutory requirement, enshrined in the Child Poverty Act 2010 , to end child poverty by 2020.

However, it is predicated that by 2020/21  another 1 million children will be pushed into poverty as a result of the Coalition Government’s policies.


93,000 children are living in temporary accommodation.

500,000 children went hungry last year.

A survey commissioned by NASUWT found that almost seven in 10 (69%) of teachers said they have seen pupils coming to school hungry, while eight in 10 (80%) have witnessed youngsters turning up in clothes that are inappropriate for the weather and similar proportions reported children arriving in unwashed or damaged and frayed clothing.

If the Conservatives win the election, they plan to cut a futher £12bn in the welfare budget.Which will put more children into poverty.Plus 30% cuts in all government departments.

They must be stopped.

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