2016 has been an awful year for so many reasons. But today this was posted on FaceBook.


From Northumbria police

Our Firearms Support Unit (FSU) have been taking in the fantastic atmosphere of Newcastle’s Christmas market this morning.
It may be a bit chilly out and about but there have been a lot of smiley faces with there being just two more Fridays until Christmas!
Don’t be alarmed if you do see our armed officers, they are there purely for reassurance and to make people feel safe.
These patrols have begun following the announcement from the Home Office last year that armed patrols would be stepped up across the country.
Our FSU officers are just regular police at the end of the day and if you have any concerns make sure you go and have a chat.



On the BBC election interview with Evan Davis, David Cameron said accusations the Conservatives are “the party of the rich” make him “more angry than almost anything else”.

The prime minister also told the BBC some people did not pay tax in Britain “who damn well should”.

Well it is a shame that Mr Cameron gets ‘more angry’ by that accusation than ‘almost anything else’. Maybe thats the problem.

If he got more angry about the queues at food banks across the UK or the lack of social housing, with over 1.8 million on the waiting list or the thousands hit by his savage welfare reforms, people  would maybe start to see his party in a different light.

But when your party comes into power and  cut the top rate of tax for the 1% and punish the poorest with cuts in welfare, social care. All in the name of ‘Austerity’ , while doing nothing to collect tax from huge corporations and tax avoiders, which could get rid of the deficit in a instant. People are going to start asking questions about who the Tories work for.

But if David wants some advice and am sure he does, on how to change how people feel about his party.

Here are a few ideas…

1.Get rid of all the millionaire, privately educated ministers and replace them with people with an average background.

2.Stop the Conservative party being funded by hedge funds, tax avoiders and tax exiles.

3.Rememeber who caused the crash. Under 5 years of the Conservatives, Bankers have been paid over £100bn in bonuses and the average working family is £1,600 a year worse off.

4.Make multinational corporations pay tax in the UK.

Am sure David will take up those ideas.

But maybe not, as can’t help thinking he enjoys getting angry…

B heard media.