The Guardian censor Ken Loach’s letter 

Ken Loach tweeted today that The Guardian chose to delete the first and last line from his letter in today’s paper.

The letter was critical of how The Guardian newspaper has treated Jeremy Corbyn.

13 thoughts on “The Guardian censor Ken Loach’s letter 

  1. Most of the Media are for the Conservative Government. We need one paper for Corbyns Labour Party! A co-operative paper by the people for the people, for true socialist Labour Party.
    The Morning Star.

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    • The Morning Star is full of neoliberal hubris mostly copy and pasted from the Guardian.. some days it is all but identical.. it is also completely artificial and depends on external funding.

      There are genuinely socialist and left papers out there funded by and run for regular workers though, such as the Socialist, Socialist Worker, Solidarity, even The Word and the Canary.


  2. The Daily Mirror having once had a strong Socialist & Labour outlook is now on Parr with the majority of newspapers, most of whom have falling readerships, Its such a Shame The Mirror cannot ARISE above them all in being the mouthpiece for what I call a uniting influence for all aspects of New 21st Century English Social Political Thought & Philosophy it is no wonder that papers are failing themselves as well as their own readers where is the spirit of informing intelligent comment gone.. …If only a VOTE of its readers could galvanize the owners into changing the paper for the better…Throw away the old Coat & Baggage from previous eras …

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      • Yes Maxwell did drown the paper as well as himself…But its now 2017 & by the way a happy new year to one & all…. I still believe that the Mirror ,if political freedoms where instigated to this once fine daily paper were to be restored then a more coherent outlook would emerge on Domestic & International News…I do not know why the owners of this newspaper do not positively pursue this course, are they so moribund & lazy in their thinking or has contempt towards its readership muddied the clear water just as Maxwell had done…. …

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